Aligning the Expectations of Hiring Managers and Candidates
Streamline candidates’ profiles by gathering all relevant information from the screen call conversations connecting JD requirements with CV realities. Easy, smooth, efficient.
Connect stakeholders
Phonewise Caller
Call the hiring manager, the head of HR and other stakeholders using Phonewise and discuss all necessary information about the role and requirements for the candidate.

Phonewise will automatically convert the conversation into the ultimate JD.
Sort out CV
Over 60% of recruiters report frequently receiving poorly formatted CVs.

Upload a messed-up CV and get a clean, highly structured, easily editable. No matter how messy a candidate's CV is, we nail it!
Then, enrich it by calling...
Phonewise Caller
Call candidates directly from the platform, and discuss the candidate’s proficiency in accordance with the JD.

Phonewise will gather all the information from the conversation, and automatically update candidates' resumes and profiles in seconds.
... and choose the right one!
Done gathering all the information? 🎯 Export your complete CV to an ATS or PDF and present your findings to the hiring manager!
Phonewise Caller
Match perfectly
Phonewise ensures you gather all necessary information about each candidate, leaving no crucial detail overlooked.
With Phonewise, there's no need to repeatedly bother your candidates for information. All the necessary details can be effortlessly gathered from a single phone call.
Our solution automatically records and transcribes your phone conversations, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. This allows you to focus more on the conversation and less on writing down details.
Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks with our automated tools. Our system organizes and categorizes your calls and notes, making it easier to manage your workflow and access important information.
Talk smarter, recruit wiser
Reduces the time you spend on administrative routines. Game-change your process and focus on what truly matters.
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